Warrior In the Mist. - A History

False Start.

I started Warrior in the Mist as a one-shot, 12 page comic book project in the early 70's. It was inspired by Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series and the battle suits concept from Heinlien's Starship Troopers. I did page breakdowns and finished about five page of pencils, than for some reason I stopped. (Most likely it was to find a real paying job and, I admit, I lost interest in comics for awhile in the 70's, check out "The Coming of Blackwolf" elsewhere in this site for more insight.) In any case, it sat for about 12 years in it's unfinished state.

Then in the mid -80's , while workiing on the animated series Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, the younger staff artists re-introduced me to the comics of the new wave of independent creators and their characters, like Steve Rude's "Nexus", and the Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" for DC Comics. This renewed my interest in the reading comics and in trying to draw them again.

So after finishing working on Galaxy Rangers, I begin not only revitalizing dormant projects like Warrior in the Mist and Blackwolf, but also to developed several new properties like Tailgunner and Nova Corp.. At first these too were aimed at the new independent, direct sells comic market. But with the advent of the a "new" personal computer, the Commodore Amiga, the my focus shifted to animation.

Comic Book /Video Adaptation

The Amiga computer allow me to make simple animation using a great digital drawing program called Deluxe Paint. Deluxe Paint have a animation mode included with it, all this the $120.00. (The Amiga was the original platform for the Video Toaster, an low cost video effects and compositing graphics card and which introduced the Lightwave software.)

I planned to call my animation Comic Book / Video Adaptations. The Inspiration for these Comic Book / Adaptations were the old Marvel Comics Cartoons of the mid 60's and other shows in that era like "Space Ghost" which featured the artwork of the great Alex Toth. These animations were done using artwork from the comics directly, "animatic style". They were real "funky" and crude but seeing the same Jack Kirby's "Captain America" drawing, from the page of a comic you owned, move across the TV screen had it's charm. In today's animation market, many great characters are seemingly overlooked by the large entertainment companies. Or worse, they would be changed so much in the transition to film/video that they have little to do with the original source. Did you ever see the Captain America live-action movie. Enough said.

"Warrior in the Mist" featured in Komikwerk Volume 2
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