Rodant Kapoor

Rodant Kapoor is a low level, bumbling con man and inept petty thief. He is always either scheming, double-crossing, or botching some hair-brained caper. This always leads to his being “on the run” and hiding from various people such as cheated clients, mobsters, and even his mother.

With his large buckteeth and long rat-like tail, Rodant is always called, much to his chagrin, “Rodent” Kapoor by Ruby and others . He immediately tries to correct them. “It’s Rodant! Not rodent!” he’ll proclaims. This is a constant source of irritation for poor Kapoor and a great running gag for his character.

Rodant Kapoor is not the usual sidekick in the classic use of the word. Ruby views working with him as necessary evil. She doesn’t trust him, and with good reason. Their first dealing together included Rodant attempting to double-cross and set her up to be hunted by the Slimeys, the bio-genetically engineered assassins. Rodant vainly tries to play both sides of his dubious schemes and always (with few exceptions) ends up the “fall guy” on the short end of the proverbial stick.

For all his flaws, Rodant Kapoor, is not evil. Instead, he is an endearing, likable rogue.