Dragonfly Entertaiment is proud to introduce

COMIX FLIPZ™ TPB Animate Flipbook Comics.

Comix Flipz™ is the creative fusion of comic books and the animated flipbook. Dragonfly Comix™ Flipz brings comic story panels to life.

Warrior in the Mist Comix Flipz™ - Part 1 (of 2), presents an animated flip book adaption of the illustrated Sci-Fi story by Dennis J. Woodyard (Emmy Nominated animation Director) with a script by Cyris Voris (screenwriter - "Bullet-Proof Monk) in this innovative 96 page, 5" x 7" Trade Paper Book format.

Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB concept and flip book art & Design:

Dennis J. Woodyard

Hold By Spline
Open and look at Top Panel
Flip pages Front to Back. Repect 3X as you look to each panel.
Turn Book Over
Repect Page Flipping Action 3X as you look at the Top, Middle, and Bottom Panel, during each.