Dennis J. Woodyard was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey and studied illustration at the School Of Visual Arts in New York City. Dennis moved to Manhattan upon graduation to pursue his commerical art career, first in illustration, then animation.

These included illustrations for educational filmstrips, featuring Greek myths, and Grimm's fairy tales' slide art. In the late 70's, he moved into the animation field, first doing graphic animation and special effects for commercials and TV show openings including HBO Sports and ABC station IDs.

In the 80's, he progressed to animated adventure shows. He designed characters and storyboarded for the "Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers". From there he moved to the a staff position with Rankin-Bass, the producers of such shows as the THUNDERCATS, and other syndicated animated series. As series art director he reviewed storyboards, work pictures and final prints. In addition, he designed all the secondary characters for the last 30 shows and wrote two ThunderCats scripts, "ShadowMaster" and "Well of Doubt". He was also art director and storyboard artist for a 30 minute animation special which aired on PBS and is now in video stores called "Merlin and the Dragons".

After moving to Los Angeles,in 1994, he continued to work on various television animation shows. These included Universal's "Exo-Squad", Disney TV Animation's "Gargoyles", Columbia Tri-Star's "Men in Black", animated series". He joined Saban Entertainment ,in January 1998, where he worked on "Bad Dog", for Fox Family cable network. The following year he was producer / director on Saban "Nascar Racers".

After leaving Saban in April 2001, Dennis served as consulting animation director for Rankin /Bass' latest primetime christmas special "Santa Baby", which aired in december 2001, on the Fox Network. He also did storyboards for "X-Men: Evolution" for Film Roman Inc.

Also, at this time, Dennis chose to set up Dragonfly Entertainment to present and pursue original ideas and properties.

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