Dragonfly Entertainment - Sin City - Cinema Flipz TPB Page

Dragonfly Entertaiment is proud to introduce

Cinema Flipz™ TPB Animate Story Flipbooks

Cinema Flipz™ is the creative next step in the long tradition of movie animated flipbooks. Dragonfly Cinema Flipz™ books brings dynamic film action to the printed page as never before.

Content from the Cinema Flipz™ TPB can be used for three separate Game Flipz™ books in both the "Premium " (1/8" thick) and / or "Classic" (1/4" thick) Flipz™ Book.

Dragonfly Flipz™ TPB concept and flip book art & Design: Dennis J. Woodyard

Concept Sample Book based on the Movie Trailer - NOT FOR SALE

Completed Mock-up Book available for review by Rights Owner for possible licensing or publishing.

Hold By Spline
Open and look at Top Panel
Flip pages Front to Back. Repect 3X as you look to each panel.
Turn Book Over
Repect Page Flipping Action 3X as you look at the Top, Middle, and Bottom Panel, during each.