Joppa of Khad, Blackwolf is a sword an sorcery adventure series in the tradition of Robert E. Howard's Conan and the more recent Hercules and Xena, the Warrior Princess TV series.

Joppa of Khad, Blackwolf, follows the adventures of a young restless tribesman as he ventures out from his isolated village into the "New World". With his village situated by a major trade route , young Joppa is intrigued by the tales told by caravan travelers. They spoke of great cities teeming with multi-cultured and exotic people. About lush jungles with lost civilizations, some populated by ape men. In whispered tones, they nervously spoke of evil sorcerers and demons in the night. Joppa sets out to see and experience these wonders of this "New World.

We see Joppa grow and mature from a wide-eyed teen wanderer to a army scout, then Palace guard forced into exile. Future adventures find him as a reluctant, but highly skilled gladiator, a battle-hardened mercenary, the finally a invading conqueror.